Mimi e Coco Rome


Located just around the corner from the famous Piazza Navona you find Mimi e Coco. The ambience is warm and you can sit inside or outside and enjoy local life while sipping a glas of wine, cafe or having lunch. You get the feel of a residential neighborhood cafe and wine bar with many local.

The pizzas are delicious and the service friendly.

Where: Mimi e Coco, Via del Governo Vecchio 72


Vecchia Roma Rome

If you visit Vecchia Roma in the summer it’s lovely sitting outside on the piazza in the shadow of Santa Maria in Campitelli. Chef Raffaella generally makes large portions, so share one of her wonderful pasta dishes or go straight to the secondo. Seafood is the specialty, and simple southern Italian preparations. All very delicious.

Where: Vecchia Roma, Via Tribuna di Campitelli 18, reservations: +39 66 86 46 04

Ditirambo Rome


Small restaurant near Campo dei Fiori. Lively and inviting. Good varied menu combines Roman specialities like cacio e pepe, pasta with pecorino Romano sheep cheese and black pepper, with interesting innovations like thin slices of crisp potato with cheese fonduta, fondue, and slivers of black truffles. Excellent wine list with reasonable prices. Signora Antonia comes in each day to make the fresh pasta.

Where: Ditirambo, Piazza della Cancelleria 74, Campo dei Fiori, reservations: +39 6 687 1626

Filetti di Baccalà Rome


Battered and deep fried fillets of salt cod, delicious. There are also few basic starters on the menu, like bruschette al pomodoro and sautéed zucchini. The location is down the street from Campo dei Fiori in a little piazza in front of the beautiful Santa Barbara church. You can eat outside at one of the tables. Be prepared for a brusque service. Many locals go here in the evening to have a deep fried fillet and a cold beer.

Where: Filetti di Baccalà, Largo dei Librari 88, Campo dei Fiori

Da Francesco Rome


Dinner at Da Francesco is still very good.

In a picturesque street not far from Piazza Navona you find Da Francesco. It is always full and always loud, especially in summer, and tables spill out onto the pavement. A wide range of traditional Roman dishes like spaghetti alla carbonara, thin crust pizza, Saltimbocca alla Romana, Tiramisù and more.

Where: Da Francesco, Piazza del Fico 29

Osteria Der Belli Rome

A restaurant just off Trastevere’s main square, Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, could be a bad choise but not Osteria Der Belli. Osteria Der Belli is a family run Osteria serving Sardinian specialties, Roman classics and fresh fish. Try the seabass carpaccio, ravioli, gnochetti Sardi, fettuccine alla Sarda, grilled calamari. Very delicious dishes.

Where: Osteria Der Belli, Piazza di Sant’Appolonia 11, Trastevere

Campo dei Fiori Rome


If you are looking for the best fruits and vegetables you will find them at Campo dei Fiori. Great market with a vide range of very fresh fruits and vegetables, charcuterie and spices.Enjoy your cappuccino or lunch in one of the many cafes or restaurantslunch in the small streets close to Campo dei Fiori.

Where: Campo dei Fiori