Cafe Varenne Paris


The best chicken ever! The beef tartare too. So delicious, and the profiteroles were like heaven.

Where: Cafe Varenne, 36 Rue de Varenne, Paris


Cafe Varenne Paris


Cafe Varenne Paris is located at the corner of rue du Bac and rue de Varenne. Here you will find the real Paris. If you are in the 7th arr. in Paris, then stop by Cafe Varenne. Here are really good lunch dishes, including homemade pâté and good bread. In the evening there are different dishes changing every day, one of the classics is their homemade fois gras de canard. It is excellent. The classic Bavette à l’ échalote is also very tasteful and Poule de Grand mère is too, it is their exellent chicken. The service is incredibly polite and helpful.

Where: Cafe Varenne, 36 rue de Varenne, Paris