Bæst Copenhagen


We had long talked about that the Restaurant Bæst now we had to try. It sounded delicious with homemade mozzarella and all the other Italian specialties. It’s Saturday night and Restaurant Bæst is full. The first thing we notice is the large pizza oven from Naples and the hand operated Italian slicer from the old days. One of our friends, who often travels to New York said that it almost feels as being in New York, except that the space is larger there. Restaurant Bæst has its own farm shop and make every day mozzarella with organic milk from a natural dairy supplier in Jutland.

We decided all three that the Great Beast for 495 DKK would the most interesting and which promised: “Several dishes, more charcuterie, more entertainment and lots of fun in the streets – including mozzarella, signature dishes and a lot more”. All dishes was served as parts dishes and in a comfortable pace. We did not choose the wine menu, but a bottle of Rosso di Gaetano 2013 Le Coste, Lazio at the price of 400 DKK. Lovely and fresh. First we got sourdough bread and Italian rillettes – Ciccioli, – made of pork from Hindholm and a coarse pickles and fermented vegetables, carrot and celery. Then a platter of charcuterie of superior quality. One of the highlights was the paper-thin slices of lardo with well seasoned parmesan and 12 years old balsamic vinegar – a really great taste experience. Then came the pizza with tomato, mozzarella and basil and mozzarella and parmesan – a brilliant combination. The show continued with the hot dishes. Again a great taste experience. Hard to describe all the dishes here – you simply must try it out yourself.


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